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Frequently Asked Questions

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What kind of metal do you use?

Our rings and hooks for the earrings are always nickel free. Since some of our chains are antiques we cannot guarantee that the necklaces are all nickel free as well. Please be aware when purchasing these items.

Can you create a special design?

We would love to create something for you. For each specialty design there will be a $5 designing fee. We hate to do this but it takes so much time to design and work the piece. We have had several people who backed out after we had spent the time to create the piece. This just helps to make sure that the buyer really wants it before we design the pieces.

Are you in any stores in Kansas City?

Yes we are!! We are currently in HyperKC in the River Market. We are in Browns Irish Marketplace in downtown Kansas City. We are also in the gift shop at the KU Cancer Center. We are always looking for more awesome places, so if you know of any contact us!!

What happens if a piece of jewelry breaks?

This is awful! If that does happen and it is our error, please contact us so we can help and fix the situation.